Four Months at Site

I never thought I’d make a slideshow about Texas, but after reading the English text book for Kosovar children, I was inspired to share more about my home state. A few days later, and it is late into Sunday evening, and I am searching for images for each slide to represent all the different parts of life that Texas has to offer. From art, to music, to museums and history, I can see how Texas is bigger than one can glean from a paragraph in an English language workbook.

As I put together each slide, I am reminded of the beauty of West Texas particularly, and it is hard to not feel homesick. It is easy to miss something when you have such a distance between it. But my last few months in Alpine had really been special, and the town, the community, the landscape, and in general, my life there, I had started to grow really attached to it. Gaining perspective by throwing oneself into a new culture, language, and way of being is, in my opinion, is one of the greatest ways to ground oneself, as it gives one such a broad perspective on life and the world, that it is impossible to ever look at your old life in such a two-dimensional way again.